Sunday, September 2, 2007

Movie Marathon

Today was spent having a movie marathon. Raiders, all three of them and Wild Hogs. Loved all of them. Raider's 4th movie will be released May 28th of 08. Can't wait. Filming is going on as we speak. It was a fun day but after about 8 hrs spent in one position, well, Hubby and yours truly begged off. I'm stuffed. Breakfast, snacks, lunch, get the picture. If anyone says "Dinner!", I'm running for the hills. They were both fun to watch and Wild Hogs turned out to be really funny. You girls out there know how some of those men flicks can be. Not this one. Ray Liotta stars in it as well. Played his part great, like he does in all of his roles. Oh well, guess we'll give the marathons a break for another few months. Next time it'll probably be Lord of the Rings or The Mummy. The kids love it so what can you do...Yeah, blame it on the kids...Have a wonderful evening and an even better tomorrow.