Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prince of a Plumber

YO HO you say! Yes, my prince did indeed ride up on his trusty diesel pick-up. Got that kitchen sink unclogged in no time. Really glad it was a quick fix. We had visions of having to break up the tile floor again! That's the reason we went ahead and did the remodel in the first place. Texas "ground" shifts. A lot. Especially where we live. But, thank God it was minor.
Well, if you'll notice, I've been playing with my site. Colors, that is. OK, picture to....and adding my most favorite Trunk Monkey video. My daughter was playing around with her blog, Everyday Love, Life and Happiness (It's link is in my favorites to read list on the left) and figured out how to add the video. That was one of my questions for RobC. It's not like on his site, but it'll work. Trunk Monkey has been around for awhile, but they can be so funny. I never tire of watching them. He just knows how to get the job done.

Well, we are just rambling around the house getting stuff mowed,cleaned and repaired. Oh yes, and posting on the blog. Y'all have a great evening and a better tomorrow.

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RobC said...

Donna, I am impressed! Now I do not know weither to be glad or sad that my services are no longer required. :-)
But I also think it is time for another tip/lesson.