Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Got a Few Drops

It seems we're getting a little rain. We really did need it. Slow and easy. Plants are perking up. Heard from my sister about the horse update. She's named him Red. I think it fits. Today she took him back to the Vet, Dr. Edwards. Nice guy. He told her he wanted Red to spend the night for observation again, but he thought he was looking so much better. Ruth Ann (sister) said that would be fine but who'd be buying the beer? Of course Dr. Edward was perplexed..."What?", he asked..."The beer...who's buying?"...she says. Silence... At this point Ruth Ann takes pity and tells him that Red likes a beer with his dinner...OK...LOL. I do believe Dr. Edwards will be buying tonight.

Update on the copper thieves...we installed a new gate, infrared detectors and more cameras. Now all we need is the thief. If he or they show themselves anywhere in the yard we'll have them. Just waiting.

My granddaughter made the volleyball team at school. She's really excited about it. They have their first game Thursday night. Hope they have loads of fun and no tears.

Well guess I'll close for tonight. I want to scoot over to RobC's site for my blogging lesson. He created a new site just for us blog illiterates. Here's a link to the site:

http://www.robcsblogbashingguide.blogspot.com/ Again, thanks for your generosity.

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RobC said...

You are so kind. I have a lesson 2 planned but once again it will take a day or two to cobble the pictures together as I want them.