Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy First Day of Spring!

Morning!  Happy Spring...I'm glad to finally see it.  Larry and I took a drive over to McGregor, Texas (a 15 min drive) for breakfast at GW Bushes favorite restaurant then onward to check out the SPACEX facility.  (Sorry the photos are a bit blurry...wrong setting) We went several years ago and could ride right up close to the buildings, etc.
No More!  Security gates...all entry points.  SO, we stopped before getting too close and turned around, and headed to main street, where our tax accountant is located.  Took two minutes to drop off the packet and we were headed home with a promise that he'd be calling within a few days.  I'm so glad that we have someone to do them...what a pain!  They certainly earn their money!
Well, I best get outside and dump my used coffee grounds on the roses before the neighbors start leaving for work...a coat, gown and Larry's shoes isn't a pretty picture first thing in the morning!
Stay warm or cool my friends!