Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 36th Birthday Crystal Anne!

I've been asked Many times if I'd go through it all over again...My answer is Always a resounding, Yes! She was a preemie...born at Almost seven months. I couldn't hold her for almost a month, but when I Finally could, it was heavenly! She was beautiful and tiny. She was Everything Hubby and I wanted and planned for. She was ours...As she grew, she Also liked to ask a Lot of questions...about Everything!Hahaa...I think My favorite was, "Mom? Why do I have to wear socks to bed in the Winter?"
I'd reply, "So you don't get diarrhea..." LOLOL...WHAT??
"Mom, Why do I have to take the medicine?"
"It's good for your Epizoota..." (You had to be Quick with her!!)
"Mom, why doesn't Carl like me?
"Cause you keep knocking him down and taking his socks off..."
Now a few "older" questions like:
"Mom, Why won't he love me like I love Him?"...
"Because he's Never been loved like We love You..."
"Mom, do you think I'll be a good mother?"
"Of course you will...just love 'em like a parent and Not a buddy..."
"Mom, where's Heaven?"
"...In your eyes and forever..."

There's so many things to say about you, little love...just know that we love you and will Always be here for you, for ever and ever. Happy Birthday!
PS-Who Knew you'd grow up to be Lara Croft???Hahaa...tart!