Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 36th Birthday Crystal Anne!

I've been asked Many times if I'd go through it all over again...My answer is Always a resounding, Yes! She was a preemie...born at Almost seven months. I couldn't hold her for almost a month, but when I Finally could, it was heavenly! She was beautiful and tiny. She was Everything Hubby and I wanted and planned for. She was ours...As she grew, she Also liked to ask a Lot of questions...about Everything!Hahaa...I think My favorite was, "Mom? Why do I have to wear socks to bed in the Winter?"
I'd reply, "So you don't get diarrhea..." LOLOL...WHAT??
"Mom, Why do I have to take the medicine?"
"It's good for your Epizoota..." (You had to be Quick with her!!)
"Mom, why doesn't Carl like me?
"Cause you keep knocking him down and taking his socks off..."
Now a few "older" questions like:
"Mom, Why won't he love me like I love Him?"...
"Because he's Never been loved like We love You..."
"Mom, do you think I'll be a good mother?"
"Of course you will...just love 'em like a parent and Not a buddy..."
"Mom, where's Heaven?"
"...In your eyes and forever..."

There's so many things to say about you, little love...just know that we love you and will Always be here for you, for ever and ever. Happy Birthday!
PS-Who Knew you'd grow up to be Lara Croft???Hahaa...tart!


Donna said...

I'm reading this on ur computer mom. And i'm sitting here crying because of the words that only come from ur heart and no one elses. It's not really all about me today. It's about u too and what u went thru to get me here. I always believe that I will and would die for my children even if it wasn't a choice. U almost did. For the sacrifice u made for me...u humble me. All my life people asked, "What do u want to be when u grow up?" I would always tell them something that was expected...but in truth, I wanted to always be u. I love you mom.

As for the questions I always asked???

The socks and diarrhea thing? Bunch of crap wasn't it. As I got older and out of the house I would secretly take anti-diarrhea meds when I remembered I forgot to wear my socks to bed the night before...

I guess I can stop doing that now that I know the truth.

"Carl" was a memeory i'll always laugh about...seeing as how I was in kindergarten when I was stalking him. I only knocked him down after I pushed him up against a tree to kiss him and he got mad...I beat him with his own sock during that naptime that day.'

As for Why he never loved me like I loved him? I finally figured that one out..with ur help.

Be a good mom? I'll never be as good as u. U are and always will be the best mom and best friend i'll ever have, want or need.

In my and forever.

I love you mom.


jenn said...

Happy Birthday to Crystal! She is one super sweet lady.

Anvilcloud said...

Great Q&A's. Best wishes from me too.

Donna said...


Thank u too Anvilcloud!!


Sally said...

Awwww, now "I" have tears!! Both of you ladies are AWESOME, great role models and mama's. ((hugs to u both for a beautiful birthing day remembrance)). :)

Donna said...

Thanks Miz Sally! She's a tart and delight all rolled up in one...Sweet day to you darlin'hughugs
Stop that thar bawling!!Hahaaa...(((HUG)))

Joan said...

You have yourself a fine daughter there Donna.

I can see wearing socks to bed up here in Canada...but Texas? but I forgot yeah...the diarrhea; it all makes sense now:)

Donna said...

Joan-Hahahaha....WELL? It Does!!
She'd fight me when I'd make her get those socks on...then one night she asked Why she had to do it and the "getting diarrhea" line just popped out...Hahaa...Never had to tell her again when it was time to start wearing the socks to bed...LOL

Faery said...

Happy Birthday to Crystal!
Beautiful post Donna so sweet, thanks for sharing
Crystal Croft??

P.s.: The pics in my blog were just luck, when I saw them I was in awe ha ha ha :D

Garnetrose said...

Great post. I love seeing a mom and daughter with so much love and respect between them. Happy birthday 'Lara Croft'. *s*

Amanda said...

Many happy returns Crystal!
She's one sweet girl.
A x

Anonymous said...

A huge Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman (with a fab name!)

This post and Crystal's reply have made me go weak at the knees. Motherhood is pretty damn amazing isn't it.

Take care
CJ xx

♥Rosie♥ said...

Oh Donna what a lovely post and I want to wish you Crystal a very Happy Birthday!!

You are one amazing woman Donna and here I am tears in my eyes after reading Crystal's reply!!

Hugshugs sweetie and its your day too!1 Rosie xoxox

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday to Crystal. That was a beautiful post. Daughters are wonderful people to have!

Paula said...

Awwww, that's so sweet!
Happy Birthday, Miss Crystal!

Janice said...

How sweet. What a wonderful relationship the two of you have.

kimberly said...

love this!!! what a wonderful relationship you two have....with five daughters of my own....i can truly appreciate that love!!!
hugs, and happy birthday!

Joni said...

Beautiful birthday wishes...I had to look twice at her baby picture. My own daughter at that age looked just like her...I'm off to find a picture to email you! Uncanny I tell you. I did email you about the jam and I thank you for being adventurous!

Hugs ~

Crystal said...

Thank all of u for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!!! Have a wonderful day;o)