Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I know...I know...Lolol...can't STOP!

Have you ever gotten started on something and just couldn't Stop???Hahahaa.....That's me today. Leah Staas on her Baptism Day....Yes, I've been playing with more photos...Hahaaaa...but fixing skin, lighting, eyes...noise...saturation...blah, blah....Hahaaa....took more time than I thought! Geez, I've been playing photography for long enough today, but she makes a great subject. I think I like portraits best. Happy night everyone!


Brother! You need a degree in Astro Physics to understand this stuff! Texturing...But this is my first attempt at it. This bird was sitting on a fence that Hubby had parked our truck by when we were at Meteor Crater in Arizona. He was huge! This was Not a crow...Edgar Allen Poe would have been proud to have made his acquaintance! Well anyway, I snapped his photo sort of as an afterthought. See the grainy appearence of the photo? That's called...a Layered texture!Hahaaa.....and see how smooth the birds body is? I used the eraser tool. I wanted to use a photo with a baby in it and use a different texture but I couldn't get it to load right. PSElements....geez! Why isn't there JUST an independent program out there in photo land that Just does one thing? Portraits! Oh well, back to the salt mines....Y'all have a happy and safe day!