Wednesday, June 22, 2011

National Chocolate Eclair Day! June 22nd

Hahaaaa....How in the World do I find this stuff OUT??? I don't know...But, I'm IN!Hahaa...Paula Deen has a great sounding recipe for them so if you're interested, go to my Cooking blog and get 'ta baking up some YUM!!

Well, after months of it being a "dry bone" around here, we FINALLY got some rain! Last night I stayed up to listen to the storm roll in around midnight, in a big way! Heat lightening was non-stop...then the rain started along with thunder....sigh. God took pity and I am SO grateful!

Well, hope you all are happy and safe today...Now, go get in that kitchen and Celebrate with some eclairs of your own! I'm stuck at my desk...but donations WILL be accepted!!Hahaaaa