Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Day! Happy 83rd Birthday Gerald! And What Did You Say??

Roses were Everywhere!!
Well Hey! We Are a family of plumbers!!!LOL......

See the Bee?

Buddies forever! Aaron & Kathleen's...Babies!

The Birthday Guy, Gerald

The Expectant Father....Aaron

Kathleen...(The Trickster)LOLHahaa.............

Well it is Hubby's Dad's Birthday today! Happy Birthday Gerald!! He's 83. Hubby's brother Ken and wife Deb invited everyone over for a great lunch....I took Tons of pictures. Deb has the prettiest yard so while I was there, I ran all around their house snapping pics...LOL...GEEZ! Roses were Still blooming, Lantana, clyclamen in a name it, she has it. Her Dad is a Master Gardener so she has learned a lot. Their Son Aaron and his cutie wife, Kathleen along with their Other son, Kurtis were there....Aaron and Kathleen have been married for several years now and live near San Antonio. Hubby and I have Often asked just When they were going to get pregnant...Aaron's Mom and Dad (Ken & Deb) have been "pawing the ground", waiting.LOL....So, since we all figured it was a lost cause...we quit warting. At the lunch table everyone gathers around for the prayer and then the question was asked of Gerald (birthday boy...stay with me now!) by Aaron, if he would feel "greater"(as in Great Great Grandfather) in 8 months than he did today??? I'm just standing there trying to figure out what the heck That meant....I look at Hubby(who is grinning ear to ear), then Aaron(Innocent look on face)...and I STILL don't get it!!Hahahaaa.......Then I see Kathleen's Face!! Good Lord! That little Tart!LOLHahaaa.....She had me Going earlier because I Swear...I had Just asked the...when-will-baby-be-coming questions and She answered them like a flipping PRO! Big Innocent eyes..."Oh no, Not yet...not ready....." lines....Hahahaa....Tart!! It was just a FUN day....We're SO happy for them all!! There's Nothing like a new life blessing this old world. They bring So much love when they come. SO, Congratulations again little loves.... SO, that was Our Sunday...I've already got "shopping" plans being plotted in my mind....A Big old Drum set 'ya say????Hahaaaa.....Night All!