Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So What Do You Think???

Fake Blue Spruce

Fake White Mother of Pearl.....something...LOL
OK...ALRIGHT NOW!! I Heard that!!LOL....You see, I have to pick out a tree and then decide if I'm going to do lay-a-way and let Them store it until I want it...OR...wait a little longer and just buy one and bring it home the same day! Now, These two trees cost an arm and a leg. Blue spruce is $499.00 and the white one is $399.00.....WHAT???? I heard That too!!!.....Yes! They are beautiful...the pictures do Not do them justice, but I just Can my right mind...spend that kind of money on a plastic or silk tree. I bought one about fifteen years ago from the same place and wrapped each and every limb with lights. It took me almost a week to do it the right way. Geez, I was pooped. The eight foot tree cost about $250.00 more. It passed away....silently, about two years ago. I loved that tree...LOL...Well, I DID!!! (I bought a cheap one and had it for the last several years...BUT...It also took a powder last year). Now, there's no Babies to wake up to glitter and stardust. Oh, they'll come later in the day for dinner but...(You Grandparents out there know what I mean...) there's only me, Hubby and the dogster. The dog would Never open his own gifts!! So, it'll be Target, Sears or somewhere else for the tree buying this year. So what do you say? Spruce or white??? I tried a real one once...Santa didn't know who I was...swollen eyes and lips can cause that....Happy day or night everyone!!