Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggs and Emma

Well, we had a really nice, quiet Easter Day. The only time we left the house was when we took some tulips to Hubby's Mom and Dad. We didn't stay long though. They had just gotten home from being gone all day, and were tired. They are in their eighties, so naps are often on the agenda.
The GranBabies had their Easter egg hunt though. Crystal and I hid them all over the house then they rounded them up with a repeat of same outside...As you can see, Samantha really got into it by running to what ever she found!LOL...William kept saying, "I need help"! They both had bunches and soon tired, so inside we all went.
Lunch was Hubby...(I think he gets nervous when I linger in the kitchen too long..) the roast. It was very good. Then we watched the movie, "The Seeker"...Cute...I wasn't really impressed though. Now, the day seems to be coming to a close. BUT...Emma with Kate Beckensdale, is coming on PBS at 8:00pm and I've Got to watch it. I Love Emma...
Here's hoping your day was a Happy and Blessed one and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow.