Friday, January 12, 2018

Flu Be Gone...rant...

Chocolate Banana Walnut Bread... Recipe HERE   

I used a milk chocolate powder...Next time, I'm using the dark chocolate.  And I'll layer the top with walnuts.

Morning!  It's been a while....  Had hoped the flu would pass our house by but it did Not...  Larry came down with it over a month ago...congestion, fever and coughing like crazy.  He coughed so much, his back and chest sore.  He also had taken the Flu Shot!   I'll only take the Pneumonia injection.  I did not get the flu....I've been hearing a lot of people saying that they also took the flu injection but...they got the flu anyway.  If people would just learn that washing your hands WORKS...Know what the biggest object of germ transfer is?  Shopping buggies... (carts) handles.  Try not to scratch or rub your eyes or nose with your hand...use a tissue...go ahead, Practice!  Then, when you get home, WASH...Simple!
We all shop...we all shop sick...most don't know it but some DO and that really gets under my skin!  Stay Home if you have a fever!  Sorry about the mini rant...I've just spent the last five weeks with a very spoiled sick person...not fun
Yesterday was the real first day that I truly felt like he was over it completely.  We were house bound for quite a while but today, we're going out for a Chinese lunch at our favorite restaurant.  Relief...
Well, guess I'll cut this short...just checking in!  Have a super day and stay warm or cool, where ever you are!