Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Pictures on a Saturday

An old building in Fredericksburg

This Cider Mill makes the BEST Apple Pie Ice Cream!!

The "Mule" and their Mini. We traveled all over their land in this thing. Fun!

Our friends home taken from a nearby hill

Our friend Beverly

Some Crazy woman Begging for a ride back to the house!...LOL

A Wonderful breakfast prepared by Bev

Entrance to our friends home

Driveway up to their home

Their home in the woods

A dove in the tree in the front yard...Really!LOL...

The Front yard

Did a little shopping for some leather goods...the baby bag was wonderful for carrying all my camera stuff!

Well, here's some more pictures from our trip. I Know you're SO here they are! And don't forget to scroll down to the previous post and leave a comment if you want to play along!! Have a fun night...or day!!

Pay It Forward from Lille Meg

Thank You Lille Meg!! They're Wonderful!

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