Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Pink sky at night, sailor's delight....Pink sky at dawn...sailor be warned. Well??? We're still waiting for the "warned" part! No rain yet! This is REALLY getting old! Temp today, 107, heat index, 115degrees.
I took this photo out in New Mexico last year but it's not signed because I'm at work and my computer no longer has my PSE's on it. We're getting new computers Tuesday and I had to clean out my old CPU. I'll have to reload everything next week.
It's not a bad shot...The sky was really pretty that morning.
Well, it's Friday again. We have nothing special planned for the weekend. This is the Grandkids last free one before school begins again. It's also "tax-free shopping" weekend here in Texas, as well.
I just wanted to check in with you to say Happy Weekend! I am absolutely, Non-News worthy today....Have a safe one!