Saturday, March 8, 2008

3 Pigs, A Horse and a Cuppa Coffee & Set Your Clocks Ahead

Boy, what a Do Nothing day!! Crystal got in around 11:30pm or so last night, and we stayed up, for a while, talking about her night out. Little Stitch (William) tried valiantly to stay up for her return, but couldn't make it. He passed out at 9:30 with his butt in the air!LOL...poor sweetie. He wanted to call Mommy several times but I only let him make one call. Then I had to explain that Mother was trying to relax and enjoy her friends, just like she lets him enjoy his friends...He seemed to except that and settled in to the evening. We watched a movie about "growing up different" and "doing the right thing". It is called, 3 Pigs and a Baby. It was cute, but I was just a little uncomfortable when the wolf baby was going through adolescence. I don't want Will to think its alright to talk to your parents disrespectfully as a teenager...which, this Wolf-teen was doing to his Pig fathers...Makes Sense??? LOL...sorry. If you get it, watch it first and see what you think. Don't Ever just pop something in the DVD player for kids and walk off...geez. Can't trust Hollywood...nope!

I went out to my sister's this morning to check on her and Mary and to see Red (the rescued, abused horse). I was really Shocked by his appearance!! He looks Wonderful!! Ruth Ann didn't want me to take his picture yet because he was muddy, but I should have anyway!! She has Really worked a miracle on him! Three different Doctors told her to put him down...but thank God she's hard headed...he looks wonderful!! I Will get those pictures.

Anyway, just took a break to get a cuppa coffee. Wonderful little tool I found at Linen's & Things that makes it easy to make a quick cup of latte. Foams a nice frothy head on you coffee. Coffee and sanity...they just "go" together!lol

Well, guess I'll get my pictures loaded (if Blogger will let me!! It's been Very cranky today). Y'all have a warm and happy night and I'll talk to you tomorrow!
PS- If you're in the US, don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed!!