Friday, May 2, 2008

What a Friday....

Well, I'm Late getting this one done!! Shoot, it's almost Saturday! Hubby said this morning that he didn't want to wait until next week to go to the chiropractor....he wanted to go today if they'd take him. They did...and I Swear, you could have heard that bone, that had been out for Heaven knows How long, pop back into place all the way to Austin!! He said he felt an instant relief, but looked a little green around the gills.....(I am NOT smiling). Can I say...just once..."I told you so"????.....WHAT???....Alright....I'll be good. I've always said, if you can't find a good Doc the first or even the third time around, Keep looking!!! This one's good. It took me three different tries to find him, but I kept looking.
Anyway, after I wave goodbye to Hubby, off I go to the grocery. Pull into the parking spot and can't get my keys out of the ignition....Super....Can't go into the store with my keys still in the car, so out I back and head to the dealership. Tell them the problem, tell them I need a rental...the rental place guy is there within ten minutes, carries me back to the rental rent a car. All I want is a set of wheels....Nope, Do Not want the caddie. No mam, there Aren't any mini pintos either. All they have is the same car Crystal drives...exact. Geez, I did Not want a larger car than my Jeep. I Love my Jeep...Oh well, off I go to the grocery, and get the shopping done. $235.00 dollars later.....(fainting and passing out) out of the store I stumble. Ridiculous!!!!! Meat literally Moo'ed and cackled at me as I passed by the coolers!!! What?? Did I purchase the Whole animal??? Do the eggs come with a stamped Guarantee??? Ringed in Silver and gold?? Talk about Grocery shock!!! I'm weak at this point and the Only thing that will help, and Did, was a mocha every time. So tomorrow, if some of you venture forth to stock up the pantries....beware. There's a cow or chicken calling Your name....loudly!!! Happy shopping!