Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Sunday!

First of all, I'd like to say Thank You Lynn (Musings from the Texas Hill Country) for hosting the Shadows theme for all of us this past Saturday on the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog!! It was Great fun Lynn, and we really appreciate you helping us out with the theme!! Everyone's pictures were wonderful! As Soon as our Next host, Judy (The Road to Here), decides on her Theme and Date, I'll get it posted on The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog! Don't forget to go Back to the Brenda Photo Blog and catch our late posters!

Right now, you're saying..."What IS this stuff?".....It's APRICOT Preserves!!! I ordered it for a good cause, from Joni at Morning Coffee!! OH MY WORD PEOPLE!! You know how some preserves can be...well...Super Sickeningly SWEET?? NOT THIS! OMWord! It is Wonderful! I'm afraid I'm going to Have to order MORE Joni!!Hahaa...I'm Serious! You can Also get it HOT and pour it over vanilla ice cream!!!...WHAT!! Not ME! I didn't do was Hubby...that... did... that...Hahahaa
Make sure to look for the July/August edition!
Also, I wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to Trisha of Once Upon a Time!!! Trisha is a writer! I've been a reader of her blog since I started blogging several years ago... She submitted a short story to a new publication called New Love Stories...and they published it!! How wonderful is That?!!! The story, Phantom Rose, is Beautifully written! Trisha KNOWS how to write and write well...I could "see", "hear", and "smell" everything she described and when That happens for Me, it's a wonderful story! And the story itself??? Oh No you don't!Hahahaa...(HINT: A Pirate and....Hahaaa) Get to your bookstore right now and grab a copy! I found mine at Books A Million but it's also at Borders and Maybe at Barnes & Nobel. Way to go Trisha!!
Well, guess I'll get this posted...I now need to do a post on my Rant blog...SO, Have a Wonderful day or night and be safe!