Monday, September 7, 2009

They've Hi-Jacked SHEILA!!!

Sheila Update: I couldn't fix her...I tried Everything over at use. I left a complaint though and we'll see if they fix her.
Above picture is Sheila at an early age.... And NOW-------->---->----->---->---->---->---->

My Poor little Blog Watchdog, Sheila...has been Hi-jacked!! Yes, it's TOOOO True!! Last week, I Swear to you, she didn't speak at All...If you put your cursor on her, she'd follow it and that give you a sweet little smile! NOW, she has an accent, a weird colored background and welcomes me Something! She Talks!!HAhaaa....My Word!! And someone left a link on top of her head that leads to Another animated program that I Do Not Want!! Some Asian dude...I'm going to try to save her now...If she's no longer there on my sidebar, you'll know I failed! Dam* People!! Always messing with Something that isn't theirs!!