Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wings and Things...

Anyone know what this thing is? It landed on my kitchen window screen yesterday...Had to be at least three inches across in width...Stayed there till evening and flew off.
And does anyone know what This is??Hahaaa...Mac & Cheese, homemade by Hubby! He made it before I could snap pictures! But it was delicious! Bell pepper, onion, peas,corn, tomatoes, elbow macaroni, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, cream....man-o-man!
Well, it's Raining here again! I'm Not griping though...although it's Nothing like the poor people in Georgia!! Bless their hearts! The high today is suppose to end up being in the high 70's...nice!
Well, guess I'll look around the office and find something else to do...there's Always something waiting for attention! Have a happy and safe day everyone!
OH! AND PS- My Daughter, Crystal has DELETED her BLOG!! TART!! She didn't ask ME if she could do that!!! WHAT??? I'm The Mammy!!!LOL...She DID say she wanted to create a NEW look and Title...she said Everyday Life, Love and Happiness was created when she was sad and lonely and unloved...gads.....her words, NOT mine...(See what you men cause?)LOL...So I guess I'll let you know the NEW site address when she "thinks of one"....
OH! PPS- Is this the FIRST DAY of FALL??? OMWord! It's in the high 60's today! What happened to those dog days of Summer? Oh Well, Happy First day of Fall!


Cookie said...

That isn't a moth in the top picture? Not that I really know, just guessing.
I love backed mac and cheese! Yum!

Donna said...

Cookie- Yes, but what kind? Where did it come from? Always a puzzle!hahaa...Have a great day sweetie!hughugs

jenn said...

That mac and cheese looks delicious! If you keep posting pictures like that, I might just show up on your doorstep one night for supper!

Donna said...

Perhaps that is a sphinx moth. Gosh, there are a blue million types!

That mac and cheese looks awesome. Marty would have LOVED to have a taste. He says that rabbits like cheese. It makes carrots taste a little better, LOL.

We are so sick of the rain in TN too. There is flooding in some areas. Thankfully, we are on high ground.

And shame on Crystal not getting permission from you on deleting her web site! Shesh!

Jane said...

Delicious mac n cheese! Not sure about the bug - bit scary!
Just swung by from The Pea Green Boat. Check out my new blog at www.wildethymeknits.blogspot.com

Good to see you're keeping well, Donna.

Love ExpatKat.

Dick said...

It looks like a winged thing probably it can fly around your head. I don't know, I guess it's a moth but that's what the others suggested too.
The cheese looks delicious.

How can she do such a thing without asking???????

Amanda said...

The bug is disgusting ~ but the food looks just yummy!

Jeanette said...

That is some fancy moth! A little creepy but fancy!

Donna said...

Jenn- ComeOn Girlie!Hahaa! I was Good!hughugs

Donna- Poor little Marty! Hope you're taking good care of him and keeping him dry in all that rain!!!
Glad it's not reaching you three!!!hughugs

Jane- Hi there girl!! How did I loose track of you??? I Love all that knitting you've got going on over in your new place!!!hughugs

Dick- Because she's a TART, That's why!!Hahahaa...Oh well, hopefully this Next blog will be Happier than the last one!
Loved your heather!!! Gorgeous!!hughugs

Amanda-HAhahahaa...Oh Amanda! It's just a furry, creepy sticky footed bug...Hahaaa...hughugs

Jeanette- You Too???Hahaa...I can see Right now we need to have "bug holding" classes...Hahaa...hughugs

Ann said...

no clue on the bug. That mac and cheese looks delicious though. How dare Crystal not get your okey dokey....lol
Have a wonderful evening

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Donna,

WELL...I thought that moth was the same as one I had posted about awhile back- but after looking at them both I see they are a bit different...still- I think -related!
I Re-posted my past post-lol- just for you, my friend! :)

lol- I'm of the opinion that a blog should NEVER be deleted! After all- it's bits and pieces of our lives... :) but that's just me!!

LOL-I just keep adding MORE BLOGS!

ps-go check out my green bug who is a cousin to yours!!



Mary Lou said...

Oh that Mac and cheese looks totally amazing!!!! I live alone, so I am used to the box kind!

Nita Jo said...

I think that's one of those huge moths that I hated when I was little. In the evening, they'd come out when the Moonflowers opened. We'd be all set to watch the flowers and then there would be these huge things flapping in our faces! Lol! Not as bad as the bats, but nearly!

I love fall! It leads us into... yes, I'm saying it "Thanksgiving" and "Christmas". My favorite times of the year!

Nita Jo

Cherry said...

gosh! i'm drooling with the mac and cheese! one of my faves! i better go grab my lunch. ;)

bichonpawz said...

The Mac and Cheese does look delicious!! And we have moths like that up at our cottage...and they are freakin' HUGE! I've never been able to get that good of a picture of one though...great shot!

SOUL said...

no time to sift through the other comments-- but did anyone say that 'thing' is a cicada. ?
i know my bugs. fisherman slash ex- exterminator-- how could i be wrong... right? :O

i'm lovin this weather too-- but it changes like the wind round here. soak it up while ya have the chance!

that mac and chez... WOW...
i really was gonna guess some kind of corn bread-- or maybe a egg thing. :))
ooooh it looks yummay !!!!

happy humpday girlie-

Splendid Little Stars said...

I'm not sure I'd be so happy about a 3 inch creature who looks like that just hanging out all day.
The mac and cheese looks so good!

Faery said...

That was a beautiful fairy, she new she rest for a while in your kitchen ;)