Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Up The Grocery List...

Well, we've got company coming this weekend and I'm trying to make up my grocery list! I can Never remember everything we need without it! I've been known to end up at the store minus the list and get right back in the car...head home...grab it and try again! It's in front of me now...I can't think of a THING I want to make!!! I've got "List Block!!!!"Hahaa...And I don't think dog food will be enough! Steaks maybe? A roast? Big salad? A dead Duck maybe???LOL...Lord!
Happy Thursday Gang!


Sally said...


Man, I ain't never going there!! hahahaha

Crock pot stuff - make it easy on yourself!! ((hugs))

Jeanette said...

I vote for the dead duck; that way you can chop it's head off in front of your company like on Christmas Story (unless you want them to come back again, then I don't recommend it!)

Donna said...

Sally- CrockPot...hummm..hadn't thought of that...Thanks!hughugs

Jeanette- Hahaaa...Think I'll forget the dead duck!!hughugs

Anvilcloud said...

I almost always forget to put something or other on my list, and if everything does get on there, I forget to pick some things up anyway.

Ann said...

I hate it when I get to the store and realize I forgot the list. I can never remember everything I need without one.

Dead duck huh? sounds

Donna said...

Ac-I HAVE to write it down as Soon as I know I need it or I'm lost!!hughugs

Ann- Me too! Aggravating!!!Hahaa..hughugs

Donna said...

That happens to me all the time, forgetting my list, but I don't go home, I just try to remember. Ha!

Busy time, I know. Enjoy your company!!