Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Laughs at the Bookstore

Had lots of fun and laughs with Lani yesterday. We talked and talked for several hours. Can you imagine though, no where to sit but in the children's section, right by the stage? On tiny little benches? Boy, talk about butt burn!!! Worth it! Mocha Latte was wonderful and I think Lani got a frappachino. Every time we meet I come away feeling so uplifted and happy. We pledged to do this at least once a week. I was going to take her picture but we were talking so much, I forgot. Next week...
Well, have started putting things together for the weekend trip. Got groceries today and loaded those on the trailer. Now it's "stalk-the-house" time to pick up the odds and ends we'll need. It'll feel so good to do nothing for a couple of days. And I want to say hello to Sally for stopping by. 40 yrs just zipped by didn't it? Every time I hear of some young person being hateful to the elderly I just remind myself that very,very soon, it'll be their turn...then what? Had to throw that in there...40yrs? Elderly? OK...enough. I've also decided to bring the hubby along for the trip. He's a great cook...says he loves to cook...besides, someone needs to hook up the trailer, air the tires, drive me there, unload then...cook! See? Works out perfectly! WE should have a fun trip!
Yall have a great Thursday.