Friday, March 21, 2008

A Blooming Good Friday

Good Friday Morning to you all! Hope you had a peaceful and safe night. It ended up being a pleasant day here with temps ending up in the mid 70's. I got my "wandering" shoes on and went on a "Spring" hunt with my camera and I was flabbergasted at finding that a Mountain Laurel,(top picture) that we had planted in the front yard bed (about six yrs ago), had finally started to bloom!! My Word I was excited!...but looking around me, I had no one to express my glee to...Ever done that??LOL...makes you feel stupid! Well, you can bet that when Hubby got home, I made sure I shared my "astonishment" with him!LOL...
I also found that my Wedding Wreaths(middle picture) were almost fully in bloom. There's two of those and they "drape". Then I ventured to the back yard and found an old Wisteria(bottom picture) had started to bloom as well. An old farm house was in the center of our neighborhood years ago, and the Lady of the House, must have planted it. It still blooms.

Well, we took the day off today. Several of the employees were wanting off anyway and since it was a tad slow, we just closed the shop. Guess I'll run out to Sam's Club and see what's happening and check out what I'll be COOKING....geez..LOL...for Sunday's lunch. You all have a bright and wonderful day and I'll talk to you later.