Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The Question"

Have YOU answered "The QUESTION" yet??? LOL.....Well, Hubby asked "it" at lunch today. "What do you want for Christmas?" I'm glad he ask, but I NEVER know what to answer! World Peace? For it to be 1969 again?Hahaa....Well, I Just don't know. I really don't Need anything...He wants to know if I want a Roomba??? Vacuum....Do I??LOL......GEEZ! Why don't I keep a list ALL year! Like when I needed some new socks....I could have written Those down! OR, when I needed some CD's....a new gown...house shoes! Noooo, Not ME! Never can do things the easy way...Oh well. Now I have to THINK...LOL...Don't 'cha just Hate when that happens?? I'm SO open to suggestions!!!! Happy THINKING ya'll!!!