Friday, April 15, 2016

Sneaking off from Work...

Larry and I went to lunch today and enjoyed some barbecued ribs.  Yep...we snuck off and were late getting back to work.  The new Baylor Stadium is hosting the Brazos River Rib Fest this weekend so we thought we'd get there when it opened to check things out.  Five ribs...sweet tea...and an ice cream cookie later, we "rolled" back to the truck.  Goodness!  Good eats!
Ft Worth, Chicago, Nebraska, Austin and Arkansas were represented.  The only place I LOVED the sauce, didn't have ANY for sale...When I asked for some they all looked at me like I was a Northerner.  SO, to break up their "unease" at forgetting a great sale item, I simply replied..."Oh Hell No!" about scrambling to hunt up an empty container...!!  Buttt, being the sweet kind of gal I am...WHAT...I told them not to worry about it, I'd just have to forever hold that darn sauce in my loving memory...anyway, we all had a good laugh then I stuck a tip in the lonely tip jar and dropped my "Voted Best Ribs" ticket in their voter box. 
Well that's all the excitement I can muster up for you today.  Will be heading your way...Have a super weekend!