Monday, February 25, 2008

Remind you of Spring?

Well, it was a slow start this morning here at work, but now the phones are popping. I have my two "employees"...LOL...(Crystal and Christi)...slaving up front while I HAVE to keep William entertained...WHAT??!!! Yes I do to!!!lolol...So I guess I'll pull myself away from the TV..(oops)..I mean, work, and get to the bank. Y'all have a fun and happy day...and just think about Spring coming our way!
I changed my original post because it was causing more problems then it was worth! I had downloaded one of those "revolving picture thingies" and it Did look pretty but it interferes with the comment section...I think it does....anyway, it's gone and in its place if a beautiful picture of Spring, instead. SO, since nothing much happened between this morning and this afternoon, I'll bid you goodnight! Stay warm and dry tomorrow!