Saturday, August 2, 2008

Awards...........From the Heart

First of all, I just want ALL my Blogger Buddies out there to Grab a copy of This award!! You Know I Can Not just pick a few people!! You  ALL, have beautiful sites!!!

This is from a dear lady with a huge heart...Blondie. She Always has something warm, tasty or wonderful to make or do on her blog...Thanks Sweetie.

This is from one of my first dear friends in BloggVille, Donna....She's special....a photographer...Artist....warm and kind. I cherish her friendship.

This is from a fairly new Blogging Buddy who I have found to be a Wonderful delight!! Her post are Always uplifting and joyful....Sorry Miss Junie for getting this up so late!! I love it!!!  Another dear friend, Lille Meg Also passed me this award!!  She's a Delightful and faithful person....Thanks Lille!!!

2008 Dardo Award from my loving friend, Faery! I'm so happy to have found you...Your cooking blog is...delicious!! Thank You Miss Faery!!

SO, I want to apologise for getting these up so late!! I Love each and Every one of them! They come from Very special people in my life.....I'm passing them along to ALL of you, my friends!! You give SO much to me on a daily basis....I just want to say, a Very humble, Thank you.......with love.