Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Cast Iron...

 Hubby bought me the new cast iron grill I wanted yesterday from Bed Bath & Beyond.  All you do is rest it on existing gas or electric burners and you're good to go!  Well, I washed it, seasoned it, let it cool then tried to make pan cakes on it this morning...

 What a mess that turned out to make!  Almost didn't think I was going to scrape the stuff off the iron!  I managed to get most of it off, threw on some eggs...they didn't stick!Hahaa
I give up...Any tips out there
Finally got a breakfast thrown together...wasn't bad!'s your Sunday going so far?  Hope, better than mine!
Hubby and I have been cooking all weekend.  When you figure that it cost about 20 to 25 dollars for two people to eat out, you realize you need a back-up plan!  Cook!Hahaa....So, we've made soups,  ribs and a roast...oh and navy been stew.  Eating out is a treat just cost too much to have someone else do all the work.  So now we're all set for next week.  I may try to do a couple of steaks on my new grill...if I can ever get it seasoned correctly!