Monday, October 13, 2008


Thought I'd better check in before you think I ran off to somewhere exotic....Hahahaa....right. It's been one heck of a week! SIL said last week.."Quit being computer phobic!"....LOL...Well, I Am that! But, I suppose, if you make a mistake it can be fixed and you move on. I must say, QuickBooks isn't my favorite program but I'm learning it's wicked ways. The report section is Not wonderful and especially in payroll it looks like I'll have to create the ones I need in Excel...Ugggg. Never heard of a program that Didn't give you Balances!!!...or at least the ones I Need!! Oh well, enough of the tirade...Hope you all are being Good!! I'm hearing reports about some of you! Seems Donna (Tn) is holding Marty hostage...Brenda is thinking of running for Mayor...Dawn has run off with the computer man...Sally, it seems, is the Only one of you that's behaving! Joan won't let Gord out of the house...Geez! The list is growing!!Hahaa...Jules has gone Native? Dancing around the volcano?? Hahaaa......Gads! I'll soon be back to end your wicked ways!! Happy day or night Guys!!