Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not My Fault!!

I KNOW I've been taking a little longer to answer comments lately and I am SO Sorry! BUT!! I DO have someone to BLAME!!Hahaaaa...DELORES at Moving Forward with Alzheimers is TOTALLY to blame!!Lololol...Well, she IS! She left a comment the other day saying "how it was a nice day for reading a book called, The Help...Well, I went to the bookstore that very night to meet a friend and the first thing I saw, when I walked into the store, was The Help! I bought it...didn't get to it for several days and then picked it up 2 nights ago...Guys!!! I am Loving it! Here's a link to the book if you think you may be interested in reading it. I think it's the author's first book and it's Already going to be made into a movie! Same line as Driving Miss Daisy. Civil rights era. Thanks Delores! It is the first good book I've read in a Long time! And I can't Believe all the things you can do with Crisco!!!Hahahaa..... Can't wait to finish it.
Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! It's getting hotter here by the minute so I May be forced some reading...Hahaaa...Indoors!