Thursday, November 4, 2010


The Museum.....You can see and do all you need to in the museum in about an hour...or less. It wasn't what I'd hoped it would be and they Really need to update it.

Betty Hill and friend....I read the Betty & Barney Hill story...riveting!

Pie Town Cafe....close to the border of Arizona. A "joint" but a Good one!

Wonder who ordered this Delicious Peach Pie???

A rendition of "the Crash" in the museum display case. I believe this really DID happen. I believe the Government has tried to cover it up all these years. There are just too many sightings and witnesses. As usual, America is just about the Last country to disclose its findings...gracefully. We are Not a stupid society....give me a Break! When Generals finally start talking about the truth of it all, I think it's time. Why should we humans think we are the only ones in this Universe? My God made this HUGE Universe...for just Me and my tiny piece of pie?? I don't think so.....I also think Aliens enjoy pie....peach pie. My piece of pie is missing...Hubby denies taking it....This is what I mean by "full disclosure..." Somebody Better Disclose...PDQ!!!!