Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Christmas Love....Ema

I would like you to meet Miss Ema...She is Samantha and Williams half Sister....Miss Ema played Santa Claus today....She sent me flowers! We love Miss Ema and I Know she loves Sam and Will. This photo was taken back in November at William's school lunch of which Miss Ema and her Mom, Aubrey, attended. Crystal took the photo and I Love it! Look at Ema looking at William....Hahahaaa.....Isn't that the Sweetest look??? I can't tell you how, and in all the ways, that God has Blessed our family....but He has. All I know is...that even though you may go through great loss, great joys can be your reward if you'll only look for them...they're there.
May God fill your hearts with Great joy and love this Christmas season....