Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mandevilla...Where have you Been all my Life?

Our San Antonio friends visited last weekend and in doing so, my education of blooming plants of the South, expanded!  This is a Mandevilla...who knew it thrived in Texas as well in the Southeastern states?!   Be still my heart....Of course since it gets so hot here you have to baby it a bit more but look at those blooms!  You can keep it potted, add a small trellis and Bob's Your Uncle.  Just a side note...ALL parts of the plant are poisonous! So if you have small children or pets that like to eat your flowers...don't buy one!  Not only did I find one at our local nursery but it comes it different colors.  Red, yellow and pink.  You know me though...its 'gotta be  PINK!  Check at your nurseries... You might just fall in love this weekend!
(No pets or small children were hurt while taking this photo) ;o)