Saturday, November 10, 2007

They're Getting Ready !

Went grocery shopping after I visited with the "Girls" at the bookstore. Horrible experience when you're shopping as late as 11:00am on a Saturday! Pushing, carts blocking your way, rude people who give you the "eye" or the "look" if you don't move fast enough! Not one person bothered to say excuse me, or "I'm sorry I just ran over your foot, lady!" I always get my shopping done around 7 or 8:00am on Saturdays. Boneheads are ALWAYS still laying up in the bed, snoozing at that hour. Oh well, I made it out of there without loosing my cool....yes I did...but not before I thought I was hearing Angels singing...Geez, I thought I'd made it off aisle 4 without killing, the sound seems to be coming from Produce....yes,,,there they are. Children singing Christmas carols...I just wanted to do Thanksgiving first. Yes, the singing is beautiful but why can't they be singing Thanksgiving songs? You know, like, Purple People Eater or American Pie or No Where to Run or Harper Valley PTA??? Those sound like really appropriate Thanksgiving songs to sing in the grocery store!! Oh well, I'm now home safe and sound. Gotta go get a cuppa coffee and sit here for awhile, and figure out a way to get, "Jingle Bells" out of my head. Gonna be a long night! Y'all have a better tomorrow.
PS- 5:20 Hubby outdid himself with the Cornish hens...Glazed with honey and apricot jam and smoked. Mashed potatoes with sauteed onions and veggies. Made the trip to the store, worth it....'Night.