Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've got two beautiful pictures to give to two special people today. The first is a mother elephant...(Wonder who likes Elephants)?? LOL She's caring and loving and so easy to please! For Jenn. Just copy and save as a picture.

The second one is of Fairies! Now who is it that likes Fairies?? Could it be Miss Nita? I found these and thought you two would like to use them. I thought they looked like something you might like. I was given awards by both of these kind souls (on my sidebar). They made me smile. I want to give "back" something to All of my blogger buddies so, beware...Each and Every soul on my blog roll is special. You've allowed me to come into your worlds. You share your secrets and your accomplishments...your hearts. I have thirty seven new friends. Thirty seven...I just can't imagine how that's possible. I'm blessed and every time I "talk" with you, you let me know just how blessed I really am. I pray you're all safe, warm (or) cool...LOL...and are loved. Have a happy night.