Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Moving Coffee Cup and Plant Ho!!

I'm loving my Blue Willow dish set...

Good morning...Please don't faint...Yes, you're seeing another blog post from me.  What is wrong?  Nuttin...
I've really been a bad blogger in the last few years.  I really miss this medium, and you.  
Since I retired, I've had to sort through a whole basketful of emotions.  I absolutely hated not working.  It's not been pretty.  When you've worked since you were fifteen and then...nothing and you're sixty seven, it's sort of a shock.  Some people, like my hubby, take to it like a duck after corn.  Maybe it's the combination, empty nest and no job that causes it, I don't know.  Anyway, I'm adjusting slowly but surly, I mean surely...there's light at the end of the tunnel.  'Nuff said.
Had to have a coffee (hubby roast the beans) while creating this magnificent post.  Posting and coffee go hand in hand!
While out putting fresh water in the furrbabies bowl on the patio (you put their water outside so as to entice them to go potty while out there), I spied some Noah's Ark popping up by a tree close to the patio!  We haven't really had many nights below 30*F so I suppose it's going to make it.  There's only 27 more days until we'll see.
Well, guess I'll close for now.  Hopefully, I'll continue to be a good girl, and post more.
Stay warm or cool my friends!