Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not Quite Finished...

I made this Egg dish for breakfast...Really puffy, eggy and cheesey! Great with coffee!
What does it NEED??? Click on the picture to blow it up...Ignore the rabbit on the TV...LOL
This was a scene from Hancock....GOOD movie!!

What Else does this darn tree Need?? Bows? SOMETHING......I keep messing with it. It needs something else and I bought ribbon. Do I need to use it? More ornaments? I do Not like tinsel so that's Out.....Put your thinking caps on and start...thinking!LOL...

I went to town this morning for DVD's to run my Restore backup disc on and at 8:30, there's not too many people out shopping, but by 10:00, you start thinking about looking for somewhere to hide!Hahaa...I found the disc and some other things and made a mad dash for home. Hubby made tetrazzini for lunch and we watched the movie, Hancock. It was Good!!! See it if you get the chance!
Well, guess I'll get busy and make me some COFFEE!LOL......Sounds Good to me! Night All!

The Brenda Photo Challenge "From an Ant's View"

There's an Ant sitting on the rim of the pie plate.....WELL THERE COULD BE!!!Hahaaa......Imagination, People!!!!
I'm too old to be laying down on the patio for shots like this....see the Redbird?? That was just by chance!

The sole of my son's Ants worse nightmare.......Hahaaa........ Now I'm on my way to see yours!!!!
Thanks Jeanne for hosting this round!!!!