Sunday, October 7, 2007

Post Script To Sunday Love

This is the new desk area we had built so that we could set up my computer, pay bills, scroll through cookbooks etc...It is right between the kitchen and playroom area where the kiddos are staying. So that means, traffic. Not a restful area to work in. SO, I find a cubby hole in a bedroom to do my work, blog, etc...Ahhhh, nice and quiet right? This is my baby doll. He can't find a quiet space in which to "work". He simply must play that car racing game on my computer...Big baby blues....Geeezzzzzz......ok.......Got grand kids? Then you know. Gotta do what'cha gotta do! lol

Caffe Mocha Latte

Had a really fun time yesterday at the bookstore with Ellani and her friend, Jo Ellen. Jo Ellen is a really kind spirit, gentle. Really nice to be around! Her husband plays the bagpipes, and from what Ellani says, beautifully! Looking forward to meeting her again. Lots of fun.

Yesterday, had a brewing headache. Guess my neck needs a cracking. I keep trying to do it myself and I should know better! Yeah, right. Guess I'll ring up the Doc tomorrow.

Got company coming this next weekend. Tom and his wife, Bev. Hubby met them almost 40yrs ago in SanAntonio, Texas when they were in the Air Force together. I think Hubby had just gotten back from Viet Nam and was stationed at Randolph Air Force Base. Anyway, it's been a long time since then. No set plans on what we're going to be doing. Girls usually go shopping, and the guys either go shopping or to play pool. Anything can happen.
Well, guess I'll get going. Hubby says it's time to watch the Fantastic 4 sequel....Can't miss that (tongue in cheek). Y'all have a great day tomorrow.