Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EyeRolling Going On Here!!

RE: $700 Billion bailout package

Hahahaaaa...How Nauseating!! The "Hearing" on the Hill...Lots of gesturing, Martin Luther King has been quoted, Barney Frank is "put out"...LOL...right...Lots of hand waving and lowered eyebrows and tight lips....GADS!! WHY Am I Watching This???? The Answers to the questions are considered "fly bys" and the Questions are SO Long and convoluted that it's NO WONDER the answers are vague, at best!! WHY can't someone just ask....

"Where's the money?"

"Who'd 'ja Give it to?"


"What's the BALANCE?"
"Where's DONNA'S CHECK???"
What PUTZS!!! ..... OK, I'll back away from the TV now...Can you imagine? Now they're breaking for LUNCH!!!! DO They EVER WORK????.......Is there a Pill for this???