Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Update

Tim had a rough night of it...Said he couldn't feel his foot. His oxygen levels had dropped and they were giving him too much pain medication. Crystal went to the nurses station around midnight to let them know, an x-ray was ordered and they changed his meds...the feeling slowly came back to his foot once his oxygen level went back up. They are suppose to do a CT Scan this afternoon to locate all the bone fragments so I'll know more tonight. When they are satisfied that they have found them all, they'll schedule the surgery.

I just got back from doing some cleaning at their house...trash, laundry etc...William is with his Other Grandmother (Ex's mom) and will be bringing him to me this evening.

Keep your prayers coming! As soon as I hear anything different, I'll post it. I can't tell you All how much we Appreciate you!!