Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Week? Where Have I Been??

NoWhere!!Hahaaaa....Geez Gang! This week has just Flown by! I truly didn't realise that I hadn't posted...Thought I had done a Wordless Wednesday post, but it's Not here. Oh well, good intentions... I had to do an update in our QuickBooks program at work on all of our computers and it was harrowing. I Hate having to do those so I suppose I got stressed out. It NEVER goes smoothly. They don't give you a choice either...You HAVE to update to the new year. It was also Hubby's birthday last Friday and I didn't even remember to do a post on That! I'm falling down on the job...
ANYWAY, the photo above is what those ski slopes look like in the Summer months in New Mexico. See the mower? We sat and watched that guy move along at about three miles an hour...You couldn't PAY me enough to do this job! Scary! It doesn't look bad in the photo but trust me, in real time, the slant was awful.

Yesterday was Fried Chicken day around here. Southern cooks know that if the weather is cooler where you can open the windows, while frying, you get that chicken, Going!Hahaaa...It's either too hot or too cold to open windows around here so yesterday worked out perfectly.

Our Grandaughter also called wanting to bring her new boyfriend by to meet us. They're both Juniors in high school...Lordy, time is just Shooting by! He seems to be a real sweetie but as us Older folks Know, things have a way of changing our lives so we smile...say hello, glad to meet you, and hope they are kind to each other.

Well, guess I'll get this posted and get started on visiting You! Hope you have a Great Sunday!!