Wednesday, February 6, 2008


What Friendship Means

Standing by, All the way.

Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up, When you are weak,

Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears, When you cry.

Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Just being there, Through thick and thin,

All just to say, you are my friend.

I've been SO worried all day about ALL of you!!! I bet I checked my "basket" twenty times to see if all my chickens were home and safe!!LOL My Word what terrible storms!! I really have gotten attached to each of you...Not to just my buddies here in the States but also around the world. Know that I worry..(WHAT!!?? I tend to worry a little)!!LOL, that's just me. Get use to it!!! Thought I'd add this onto todays post...Y'all have a safe night...(this has been one hell of a week hasn't it.....)

Severe Storms & Old Couple

What horrible weather! I've spent half the morning checking with all my blogger buddies. I pray you are all safe and well sheltered! I know what those tornado scares feel like. Not fun!! Just stay close to your weather radios.
Well, we ate lunch at Golden Corrall. Remember the old couple I told you about several weeks back? They were stealing all sorts of jelly beans, chicken...etc.?? Well...they were also there..stealing...again. Geez...I openly watched them, in action, yet again. I'm really trying to justify their actions...1. Maybe their poor...2...I can't seem to come up with anything else. No judgement...I'm just trying to understand the why of it. Maybe it's not for me TO understand. It's Their lesson...I should just let them learn it. Would YOU report them??? I just can't seem to do it.
Well, guess I'll get moving. But first, how 'bout the presidential candidate races!!! Geez.......
Have a safe, safe day everybody!!!

(PS- the old couple in the picture is NOT the couple I was telling you about!LOL)