Monday, January 14, 2008

Practicing the Zoomy Thingy

I went around the yard yesterday practicing with my zoom feature on the Canon RebelXT yesterday...Hummmmm. As you can tell, there's not much happening in the way of interesting subjects to photograph around the back yard. Now if only I could remember the settings I used, I'd have one quarter of the battle won. This camera stuff is really...perplexing? I guess I need an assistant to go around behind me so I can call out each setting as I take a picture!! LOL...No?? Maybe I will enlist one of the kids this evening...which one??? lol
Didn't do much of anything yesterday but play on the computer. Yes, it's safe and sound at home. Dr C. Geek turned it loose Friday afternoon...again..Hummmmmm. I can't really tell that he did much of anything except correct the settings for an email file. Technicians that can work on Vista problems are far and few between! They just don't know the system enough yet to really be of service. I got it home and worked on it almost all of Sunday afternoon and fixed a bunch of stuff I was unhappy about. SO, if you have Vista...start learning your product!!
Well, it's almost time to go out and meet the Babies bus. Y'all have a restful and happy evening!
PS- See the new Weber Pit? Hubby now has...let me see...Six?? LOL