Monday, September 3, 2007


Well, I really did mean to stay away from the television today, but Hubby and I decided to watch the made for TV movie, Merlin. It was good as well. Sam Neil is another good actor. Enjoyed it a lot. Hubby heated up last night's supper which consisted of okra, onions, corn, tomatoes and sausage. Bake up a pan of cornbread and you have it. Very good! Well It rained a bit in the night. Glad, but it sure went away fast. Made it into the 90's. A little steamy. Oh well, fall will ring in soon, hopefully. I guess Mother Nature knows when we've had enough of one season, she changes it to the next. Well our holiday weekend is almost over. We've done absolutely...nothing. Eat and rested. I do believe it felt pretty good. Guess I'll go finish up getting things sorted out for work. Have a great evening, and a fun tomorrow.