Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Lot of This Sounds Just About Right!

Women's Rights!Hahahaa....I think we need to go Back to being Women instead of "Male Wannabes!" I Like my doors opened for man picking up the on special occasions, or man checking for "boogers" when I get scared...squashing nasty bugs that have their flight plan aimed, straight At Me...taking my hand as we go down stairs...doing all the heavy lifting...mowing (most of the time)!!!!Hahaaa...
You get the picture. Don't get me wrong! I can squash bugs with the Best of 'em! Milk a cow and shoot guns....But, if I had my drothers, I'll just continue to let my man do the man things. Besides, I think he Likes it that way...Everytime I try to help him, he keeps confusing me with someone else named, Move!! Y'all ever hear of her??