Friday, September 5, 2008

Geez! What a Week! Brenda Photo Challenge

This little fellow was on Hubby's truck dash.  Saved me from having to chase him down!
These guys just decided to help me out this afternoon while I was out walking around the back yard...praying for something with wings to show itself!  They just both landed right in front of me!!
I SWEAR there's a bird on the branch!!!  I SWEAR there is!!!Hahahaaaaa.........
Hahahahaaaa.......the hummer is....behind the feeder.....Hahahahhaaaaa......See it?????

This has been a Wild and Wooley week!!  The new QuickBooks program is in and Hubby wants it loaded and  up and running by the first of  I TOTALLY forgot to load my pictures for the Challenge last night....sorry!!!  I'm late...I know!!  We're both going into the shop tomorrow to work...well, at least Hubby is.  I've got to meet my QuickBooks Advisor at 9:15am so she can look over our system and have a chat about what we need.  So ALL I've thought about and Read about this week was flipping QuickBooks!!Hahahaaa......These are a bit...pitiful but they were taken on the run...Have a Wonderful...evening or day whereEver you are!!  I'm worried about my east coast buddies!!!  Stay out of Hanna's way!!!