Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

Well is it Friday yet? Did you see how fast it came back around? Not a whole lot happened that's of much interest. Ken (office manager) went back to San Antonio with his wife to say her oath of US citizenship. They've gone down there at least 4 or 5 times now for various things pertaining to getting citizenship. She's from Mexico and has been here a long time. They left here very early this morning (takes about 3 1/2hrs to get there from here). He sent a text message saying that the ceremony wouldn't start until 2:00pm and already, they were weary. I imagine there were tons of people taking the oath.

Went out to the front yard when we got home from work and got a picture of the Wedding Wreath bush that's really loaded with blossoms! In a few more weeks, it will be absolutely full of flowers. I love Anything that blooms.

We also went to Williams open house and book fair at school. The classroom was typical 2nd grade design (stuff hanging from every conceivable space) LOL...a bunny rabbit..a tarantula and a turtle and lastly...Mrs. Almond, his teacher. She seems to be really nice, and Will likes her so that's what counts.

Well guess I'll go wart of the kiddos...easy targets.LOL.. Y'all have a happy and peaceful night...or day, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.