Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Circle...rant

I subscribed to Family Circle for years...I am SO over it!  When you open a magazine, it should be fun and more.  I think they all have decided to panhandle.  Here's what I answered when asked why was I leaving.  It won't do any good though...

"Cancelling subscription...I'm 63 and have been reading FC for all my married life (42yrs)...I'm done. Nothing but for kissing, peeing, farting, erections, dating, eyesight, paint, bones, cancer, skin care, ice cream, vodka, chewing gum, insurance, deodorant, more dry eyes, dog food, cat food, insulin, flowers, leaky bladders, leaky bladder underwear, moisturizers, clothing, plastics, pretzels, trashbags, magic erasers, lunchables, adoptions, dog snacks, flea & tick killers, creams for cracked hands, ms medication, juice, more dog food, Alzheimer med, almonds, psoriasis, maxi pads, mini pads, sleeping pills, cat litter, bladder calmer, tea , cheese, weight loss, pork ad, fruit chillers, fake sugar, sour cream, bacon, hair color, lunch meat, chips, IKEA, and last but not least, sour cream.....And that's just in this July 2015 magazine!  I saw NOTHING decent to READ!  You USE to be a wonderful magazine...So many interesting more. You'll probably delete this comment...go ahead...I'm SO done wasting MY money."

And yes,42 years of it, off and on again...I liked the magazine and kept hoping they'd get the hint.
Now, YOU still wasting Your money?