Sunday, August 12, 2007

Home Again

Well, what an interesting beginning. We started out in the wee hours (6am) to head to work. I have to do payroll before we can get going. We leave my jeep parked in the driveway and I'm to ride to work with him...He goes out the back door first, starts the truck, while I'm giving my hugs and kisses to the kiddos. Out I go, lock the door, only to see Hubby pulling out the driveway, onto the street....and takes off....WHAT? Flip out the trusty cell phone, give it the quick dial. "Hello?" answers the wary voice..only to be followed by the incredulous voice,"Where the hell are you going?"..."OH NO....Be right There!" I know I'm not pregnant. Doesn't that usually happen only to pregnant women? The look on his face was priceless. I love "sheepish." "What where you thinking," I ask...the reply? "I wasn't! Sorry, but it's been so long since we've done this I forgot the routine!" Well, how can you do anything else but laugh? And we did...The rest of the trip believe it or not, was peaceful. We rested. He did chicken thighs on the pit and they were great. I washed up. We watched the movie, The Illusionist. If you haven't seen it, DO. It was really good. also, Bridge Over Tarabithia. I cried, but it to was good. I later woke up freezing! Realized I had forgotten to turn up the thermostat on the A/C from 68degrees. When it's been 105 and you go to 68, you freeze. Hubby fixed it and we got back to sleep. Saturday we went to Camping World just south of Ft Worth. Got an RV? Gotta go to Camping World. It's like a Wal-Mart to regular folks. We just had to check out the motor homes....while we were, didn't get anything. Saw alot! Did you know they now have saunas in the new 5th wheels? Throwing ourselves out the front doors, we left. Packed up this morning and got home around noon. We enjoyed doing nothing for a couple of days. Back at it Monday...and how was your weekend? Thanks to Sally, Leslie, Ellanni and Rob for stopping in. I really appreciate the birthday wishes! Y'all have a great Monday!