Thursday, August 30, 2007

You're an Angel

It Worked!!! I downloaded a picture from my computer for this post, and decided to hold my breath, highlighted it, then hit the delete button....WhooHooo!!! At last! That was the main reason for my wanting to switch to another blog provider...that and how to tackle adding code for a blog roll...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you RobC!!!
Boy this week really seemed to fly by. The rains never materialized and things seem to be getting a little crispy outside. I really hate to say it but I think I'll be glad when the cooler weather gets here. But we're in central Texas which usually means one day it's summer and the next day it's winter. Our Spring and Fall just isn't what it use to be. It's either hot or it's cold.
One of our repairman wrecked the front end of his service van today. He's OK, but the front fender area caught it. I haven't seen it yet. Something else to take care of. Well y'all have a good sleep or a good cup of coffee and I talk at you tomorrow.

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RobC said...

You have me blushing here Donna.
By the way what template are you using, it looks the same as my cooking blog so I will fiddle there and then come back to you on setting up a blogroll.
Also, are you using the old template editor or the new one?
Check on Dashboard, it will show your Blog or Blogs and then check the bottom right three links next to the little gear/Manage.
if you use the old template editor it will say Posts, Settings, Template.
The new one says Posts, Settings, Layout.
This will tell me how to set up your blogroll in either case.
I may have to e-mail the guide so send your addy to me at beetlecrusher at (change the ( at ) to (@).
This is a safe way of sending a e-mail addy by the way, text robots cannot harvest it that way. :-)
Sorry for the mouthfull but hope I can assist.
You and yours have a good weekend!