Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sadness Again

So much sadness again today. The bridge that fell with all those people on it...A high school girlfriend of mine died from falling debris from a bridge about 2 years ago. That was in Oklahoma. Then we hear of more debris falling on cars under a bridge right here in town. People in Washington had better quit worrying about "cleavage" and "how much of a raise can we give ourselves tonight", and get to the business that "we the people" sent them to town to do! I'm so sick of all the posturing and name calling. Politicians are only worried about two things...getting elected and getting re-elected. Other then that, they cease to hear "us." Yes, it's going to take every person in America to get out there and vote!!! It does matter!!! Let them hear our voice loud and clear, and if the wrong people get elected, get them out and get someone else, but don't just leave the idiots that do nothing stay there! We have the power...we can't stop caring or thinking the guy next to us will take care of it. It doesn't work that way. Washington is a celebrity town now. It's "look at me" time there. I pray the transportation bill passes in full tonight. In full, not," I'll pass this if you give me that." Yes I'm on my soap box. It's just that we can't afford to sit on our thumbs any longer.

Well now that I've gotten that out.....How was your day? Hope tomorrow is better.

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RobC said...

Sitting reading this I came to the conclusion that the whole political system is devoid of Inspiration and exists to prove how powerless we are without God in our lives.
Politicians are not the best examples of the human species at all. Anyone hoping for them to improve matters needs a serious talking to. :-)